Due to a minimum required quantity of packages Pinball Magazine ships its incoming orders (books, posters and magazines) in monthly batches. This also qualifies us for a more economical postal rate, which helps since it’s such a heavy magazine and it’s being shipped from The Netherlands (Europe). The next shipment is scheduled for the second week of March 2017. In case the minimum required number of orders is met prior to that, they will ship earlier. To order Pinball Magazine No. 1, Pinball Magazine No. 3, Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book a package deal of the magazines and book and/or PINBALL Posters (discounted when ordered 3, 6, 9 etc.) please visit the Pinball Magazine webshop.


Pleaste note: In a recent newsletter was announced that free PM03 cover posters will ship with each poster order. Some people understood the poster will ship with the magazine, but this is not the case. The posters ship in a tube and it’s easy to add an extra poster to the ones already in the tube. The magazines ship in a cardboard box. That means the poster would have to be folded, which will ruin it. So the free PM03 cover poster only ships with incoming poster orders, not with magazine orders.