Pinball Magazine No. 1 reprint at the printerDue to popular demand Pinball Magazine No. 1 has been reprinted and is available now in the Pinball Magazine webshop! The first issue of Pinball Magazine dates back to August of 2012. The magazine sold out in 2014 and since then there has been a growing demand for a reprint. Now the wait is over: it’s here!


This reprint has corrected grammer and punctuation, but other than that all articles are the same. A few photos have been added to the Roger Sharpe article, as well as some updated and new advertisements, increasing the total number of pages to 124. As can be seen in the photo taken at the printer today the cover of the reprint is also glossier than the original first print.


As with previous publications package deals are available for those who would like to order other issues and/or Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book as well. For all (ordering) info please visit the Pinball Magazine webshop.


The reprint of Pinball Magazine No. 1 will also be available at Texas Pinball Festival. There will be an extra shipment of orders at the end of this week as well.


Contents of Pinball Magazine No.1 (reprint):

  • The most complete interview with Roger Sharpe ever, including:
    • how Roger got into pinball
    • the story of Roger’s testimonial which resulted in the legalization of pinball in New York City
    • Roger’s books, including Pinball!
    • Roger’s pinball designs, including Sharpeshooter, Global Warfare (prototype only), Barracora and more
    • the story behind The Muppets Haunted House Adventure, Roger’s pinball styled redemption design from 2000
    • how Roger re-introduced licensing to pinball and several licensing related anecdotes
    • how pinball enthusiast like yourself can help to bring back pinball into street-locations
    • how pinball operators can improve earnings on their pinball machines
    • how to do PR for pinball and/or pinball events
    • pinball leagues
    • memories of Roger on working with the late Steve Kordek
    • comments on the pinball industry, the Pinball 2000 project, Stern Pinball, Jersey Jack and his Wizard of Oz game
    • some surprising plans and anonymous projects from the past
    • and much more
  • Others about Roger: including contributions by Steve Epstein, Larry DeMar, Greg Freres, Dennis Nordman, Mark Ritchie, and others
  • International Flipper Pinball Accosiation 2.0: Josh and Zach Sharpe, sons of Roger, talk about the success the new IFPA has become
  • A look on the inside of an interview with Robin and Martijn van Mourik, two Dutch brothers who’s Pinside hobby project became the largest online pinball community
  • Exploring the Pacific Pinball Museum: Founder Michael Schiess takes us on a guided tour through the rooms of the museum and talks about Pacific Pinball as well
  • and more

If you missed out on Pinball Magazine No. 1 earlier, here’s you’re chance to make your collection of Pinball Magazines complete. Order your copy now in the Pinball Magazine webshop.