Pinball Magazine is a new, classy, glossy, full colour, A4 sized magazine, in English, about pinball. To be more specific: each issue can be considered a ‘special’ on a specific pinball related person or topic. The idea is to publish truly in-depth interviews and articles in a ‘glossy’ package. Many pinball industry people have been around in the scene for a long time and have lots of stories to tell. Pinball Magazine wants to publish these stories and dig a little deeper than other articles can, or dare to, go.


Basically because the editor of Pinball Magazine is interested in what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ of the pinball industry and loves to write about it. Previously he did just that as managing editor of a foreign, non English magazine on pinball. By publishing Pinball Magazine in English, the readers base expands quite a lot.

So what will be different from other magazines?

While other magazines and websites do report on what is going on in the industry, most interviews will be limited to 4, 6 or perhaps 8 pages. Some people can talk for 40 pages in such case and Pinball Magazine wants to print those 40 pages. Add pictures to those 40 pages, as well as some editorial columns and other returning features, and the magazine is likely to count 68 pages or more. Add a couple of advertisements and who knows how many pages it will be.


The plan is to do a couple of issues each year, but there won’t be a fixed publishing date. The editor of Pinball Magazine loves to make the magazine, but is also involved in other projects. Aside from that the magazine also depends on the people who are interviewed. They have lives too and making time for an in-depth interview is something they need to fit in their agenda. So in theory the next issue can appear 2 months after the previous, but it could also take 6 months. Either way you will get a collectable magazine full of first hand ‘behind the scenes’ information.

Why a magazine?

Originally the plan was to write a book filled with in-depth interviews with pinball industry veterans who would talk about the games they designed, the funny ‘behind the scenes’ anecdotes, the stories you often don’t read about, or occasionally come up during seminars or chats. After interviewing the first industry veteran it became clear that it would probably take over 2 years to interview everybody who should be in the book. By the time the book would be printed, the first interview would be very outdated. So, doing a magazine was considered as an option and soon became the preferred variant.

Like a book is a luxury item, a magazine is more and more considered a luxury item as well, and that’s exactly what Pinball Magazine wants to be. You can read the common news and articles on your computer, tablet, phone and what else there are. Pinball Magazine wants to be the kind of glossy magazine you’re proud of to place on your coffee table. It will be a challenge to find the proper photos and artwork to reach the standard Pinball Magazine wants to reach, but it will also make the magazine stand out. Pinball Magazine should be, like pinball machines, something worth collecting and something that brings you joy and fun when you read it.