Pedretti Pinball, manufacturer of 2.0 upgrade kits for Funhouse and Whirlwind, toppers and other pinball accesories, just revealed its first full remake game: Funhouse. The press release of the game reads as follows:

Bagnatica, Italy, 5/14/2024 – Pedretti Gaming (Pedretti), in partnership with Planetary Pinball Supply Inc. (PPS), announces their first pinball machine, Funhouse Remake. Inspired by the original 1990 classic, Funhouse Remake combines the gameplay of the original machine with updated technology and reimagined artwork, creating an unforgettable pinball experience for players. Funhouse Remake pinball machines are available in two models: Classic Edition (CE) and Midnight Limited Edition (LE). 

The Midnight Limited edition (left) and Classic Edition (right)

Both models include a 21.5″ XL LCD Display, playfield 4″ LCD mini display, fully integrated RGB lightshows, and RGB target lights. 

Both models also include the original game code (1.0) and enhanced original game code (1.5). The enhanced original game code adds additional DMD display effects with new animation, extended settings and adjustments, a ball saver, and an auto-launcher. 

The Classic Edition model features the original game artwork from the 1990 game. 

Limited to 750 games globally, the Midnight Limited Edition model features a completely reimagined hand drawn art package by pinball artist, Brian Allen/Flyland Designs. This stunning package includes new playfield, cabinet decals, speaker panel, plastics, interior art blades, and translite art. 

The Midnight Limited Edition model also includes 2.0 game code. The 2.0 code adds new graphics, new music and callouts, and new rules, multiballs & modes to extend the overall gameplay experience.

The Midnight Limited Edition model also includes an enhanced sound system, “Special Midnight Blue” metal armor trim, apron RGB lightshow, fully integrated art blade lightshows, special magic glass, shaker motor, Funhouse Funfair title lights, RGB lighting in Rudy’s eyes, a sequentially numbered plaque, a Funhouse engraved watch, and a Certificate of Authenticity stamped by Rudy.  

A fully integrated limited edition topper will also be made available for purchase at a later date. This topper will be available exclusively to Midnight Limited Edition buyers.

Additional upgrades and add-ons for the Classic Edition will be available for purchase, including 2.0 game code, shaker motor, and a topper. 

Pricing and Availability:
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”) before shipping and taxes:
– Classic Edition: $7,499 USD
– Midnight Limited Edition: $9,999 USD

European price: 
– Classic Edition 6999€ + VAT
– Limited Edition 9299€ + VAT

Funhouse Remake pinball games and accessories are available to order on Pinball.Com, the master U.S distributor, as well as its approved sub-dealers, and authorized Pedretti distributors worldwide. 

The media kit for this announcement included the images pictured above, as well as the matrix below:

While this Funhouse remake will be the first full pinball machine by Pedretti, the company is no stranger to building pinball machines; They used to be the contract manufacturer for Pinball Brothers, building Alien, Queen and ABBA pinball games. The collaboration resulted in the Euro Pinball Corp. joint venture, which is currently building Pinball Brothers’ games, and will also build the Funhouse remake games.

For more info and images, visit Pedretti on Facebook and/or Instagram.