Pinball Magazine 1 final cover

Please note that Pinball Magazine No. 1 is currently out of stock. An updated reprint is likely around November 2015. To be informed directly about such reprint, please sign up for the reprint of issue 1 in the column on the right.


It feels good just to hold it. This is not a magazine. It’s a book! It’s quality. Congratulations!” – Gary Flower


“Wow! I like to read this.”
After taking a look at some pages: “What game is that? Cyclones? I never heard of that.” – Mark Ritchie (spotting a typo on the Cyclopes page)


“I was expecting a regular magazine. I wasn’t expecting this. This is impressive.” – Mark


“We got your magazine last night. It’s awesome.” – Barranca


“You’re right: it’s a book. There’s lots of reading in there. Fantastic!” – Vin


“It’s a passionate magazine. It is very good.” – Frank Bona


“It’s a fantastic first issue Jonathan. Will take a while to read it all (it’s more book than magazine), but the quality shines through. I think as people see this in the flesh they will see that it’s £11 well spent, and surely a collectors edition as the publication moves on. Great work. Can’t wait to see the next one!” – Paul (posted on the UK Pinball Group, £11 was the pickup price at the UK Pinball Party)


“I bought it and I am enjoying your magazine, Jonathan. It’s well written and a quality product, but I reckon you’d sell a lot more if you can lower the cover price.” – Daniel


“Got a copy sitting here in the UK… very good!” – Adrian


Hi Jonathan, I’m back in France. I’ve just read your magazine and I can tell you I couldn’t leave it! It’s a real pleasure to read, well illustrated (there are always pictures near the named pinball machines). For having been country director, I’ve read very instructive informations on the ifpa seen by Roger. Please keep up the good work 🙂” – Nicolas


“I was lucky enough to pick this up at the Pinball Party in the UK last weekend. It’s a great read, by far the most impressive pinball magazine out there. Huge amount of content to read, lots of high quality pictures, all in colour on beautiful glossy pages. Highly recommended! Wish there were more magazines like this.” – Wizcat (on Pinside forum)


“The magazine just got in. Just browsed, didn’t read a letter yet. First impression: impressive, inviting, beautiful and well cared for. Congratulations Jonathan! Well done, my compliments!” – Jan


“Wow! Now that’s something different… Well done dude!” – Richard


“Special delivery today! I also did a quick scan first. Clearly a lot of time and care was taken. I’ll to see where I’m going to start reading: with a short article or whether I’ll start on the cover story … Compliments for this initiative. Also nice to read that Pinball News and PinGame Journal wish this Dutchman good luck!” – Bas


“I browsed through the first few pages and already read a bit. First of all my compliments for the understandable English. Sometimes I come across articles that use such strange words that even my English/Dutch wife has difficulty to understand. Chapeau! Lay-out and backgrounds are easy for the eyes, which makes it nicer to read, with the exception of page 74/75. Also, the resolution of some pictures could be slightly higher, but these are all minor flaws as it is truly a top magazine!” – Ben


The first issue of @PinballMagazine just reached us. Very impressed by how hefty and extensive it’s looking!” – DutchPinball (via Twitter)


“Pinball Magazine came in today !!! Excellent quality !!!” – Jos


“I just finished reading the entire magazine. I did not expect the “biography” would be such a pleasant read. I’m not interested in older games, but to me this was a good story. Personally I found the part about marketing and IPFA a little less interesting, but that may be more appealing to others. The magazine itself must be great for Roger (and his family). Definitely a great magazine, so I wonder: who will be in the next issue?” – William


“We received our copies of Pinball Magazine yesterday. We’re very impressed with the quality.” – Robin


Just received the magazine. Looks really great! Thanks for your passion for pinball” – Mark


Congratulations on a fine piece of work! I read Pinball Magazine in one go and then a few more times. Learned a lot about the person Roger Sharp and his affinity with our hobby, which is much more than I expected.” – Ruud


Great job on the magazine. Nice to see a professionally done magazine on pinball. Looking forward to the next one!!! Agh when will that be?????” – Vince


Just got mine today! Took it out of the envelope. First impressions: Holy, ton of content. Probably will take many days to work my way through it. Very impressive polished and glossy look. Just flipping through the pages, tons of art, photos, etc jumping out. Nice to see ads from from all of the industry. Hopefully many more in the future. I bought it immediately to support the new venture, but it is an impressive piece and I will definitely continue to buy future issues as they come out.” – Frolic


Got my copy today. Great!” – Øyvind


“My copy of Pinball Magazine came in the mail today. A beautiful looking magazine. The featured article is on the life and times of Roger Sharpe, the man who saved pinball in NYC.” – Eric


All I can say is wow! What a publication. The magazine is top notch! High quality glossy thick stock pages loaded with great photos with a fantastic interveiw with Roger Sharpe. Great reading, very few adds (which are all pinball related) and overall a superb magazine. Im sold and will continue to order issues as they are released. The editor, Jonathan Joosten, has pm’ed me a few times through pinside since I started this thread (about the magazine not having arrived yet – ed.), to see if copies have arrived here in the U.S. Total class. I hope everyone enjoys their copy like I did. It’s great we now have two pinball publications to support this great hobby.” – Gnatty


I did indeed get my copy yesterday. It was waiting for me when I got home from work. I got halfway through it last night before I had to finally go to sleep; just couldn’t put it down. Very well done.” – Scott


Got my copy, Saturday. Very nice!” – Jan


GOT OUR COPY TODAY, WOW!!!!!!” – Timeline Arcade


Just received your first issue. Superb quality and content. Well beyond the typical “throwaway” magazine. More like a quality pinball book that will share the shelf space with Shalhoub’s Compendiums and Rossignoli’s pin books when I’m finished. That is until I pick it back up again. Congrats and here’s to, at least, 2 to 3 issues of the Pinball Magazine a year.” – Don


Got mine in FL yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to read yet, but flipped through it and it looks great.” – Pinmaniac


Wow what an amazing work of art will read more into it as days pass” – JJ


Holy crap!!! Very amazing !!! Out right now with it showing others in the weekly pinball tournament up at Zanzabar. I will start this week with promoting it. Seriously, you need to go buy yourself a drink for the hard work you did on this.” – Jeremy


I got mine today and Wow! Roger, if I mail it to you would you sing it?” – Jeff


Got mine yesterday in Illinois. WOW! This is like a book you would buy at the bookstore. It is beautiful! Amazing!!!” – Chad


Got mine yesterday in New Hampshire, and it is lovely! Only a few pages in, but the Sharpe interview is really good reading so far.” – Eve


I got my copy today. From what I have read so far it looks to be a top notch pinball magazine. I look forward to getting every new issue as they are released. Two thumbs up!!” – Shawn


Nice issue Jonathan! We just got 4 copies here at the Pacific Pinball Museum! Great job!” – Eric


I have just finished reading the magazine cover to cover. I didn’t know much about Roger Sharpe before I read this, but I sure do now. Very in depth interview. At some points it got a little too far away from pinball, but not very often. I enjoyed the side bar comments by other people about him. I thought that every time I wanted to see a picture of something that was being talked about, a picture was there, so very well done on that. It was a very interesting magazine despite the fact that I had no real interest in Mr. Sharpe. I learned lots of interesting things. I will buy the next magazine when it comes out (a resounding endorsement) and look forward to more. A magazine PACKED with info and pics. I would like to see articles in the future on the technical side of pinball, like manufacturing and design.” Eric (UK)


I received mine yesterday also. I didn’t get a chance to read it yet, but it’s above and beyond what I expected after flipping through. I can’t wait to read it.” – Walt


Got mine in Illinois today. Thick magazine with nice glossy pages and photos like a paperback book. Starting reading the Roger Sharpe article today – so far it’s great! Well worth the money!” – Hoov


I got my copy earlier, WHAT A GORGEOUS MAG! Can’t wait for issue 2! Thanks for putting it out!” – Eric J.


Spent all day looking over the Pacific Ocean while reading the entire Sharpe article( Yep… all 56 pages). Absolutely amazing work and made the pinball geek in me very happy, indeed.” – Tony


Got mine on Wednesday was in perfect condition. Haven’t got through it all. There is so much history in that interview to absorb. Great work Jonathan.” – Brian


Got my issue in the mail today. Only had time to look at it but I can say already that I love it!!!” – Robert


YES! The Eagle Has landed! BUT…the top left corner is crushed! Grrrrr. With just a quick look see, it looks great! High quality, nice layout. So far a GREAT read! VERY well done! Looking forward to Issue #2!” – Ted


I was thrilled to receive your magazine this week, and though I haven’t gotten quite all the way through the fantastic Roger Sharpe piece yet, I’m already completely blown away by the quality and the content of your magazine. Online previews led me to have high expectations, and the magazine I received significantly exceeded them. The passion for the subject really comes through on every page. Reading the magazine brings back so much of the indescribable energy I felt during the unreal trips my son and I made this past year to the Chicago Pinball Expo and to PAPA. Pinball is chock full of great people, and your magazine features a great many of them very well indeed. My son and I can’t wait for issue 2. Congratulations!!!” – Dan and Andrew


I’m still working through the Roger Sharpe interview. Great stuff! The “magazine” is more like a softcover book though. It’s heavy.” – Bob


I just received the first issue and it is fantastic. The attention to detail and professional formatting set it apart from many magazines sold in the consumer space. This publication will have a special home in my collection right next to Roger Sharps books. I look forward to the next issue.” – Keith


Superb and impressive magazine, quality/glossy paper, in-depth article on Roger Sharpe. Great work! I bought my copy from John Greatwich ( who was in Ottawa last week-end attending the Ottawa Pinball & Gameroom Show. Now I need to set aside some spare time to read it !” – Sylvain


The logotype in the front of the publication states: “Pinball Magazine is a non-periodical, glossy magazine publication, largely focusing on people who play or played an important role in the development of pinball, their work, the promotion of of pinball, and/or other forms of support for pinball”. I think that spells it out clearly. Only you can decide if the cost is worth it. I am a cheapskate when it comes to a lot of things and I don’t like someone telling me how to spend my money. I’m letting you know this, if you are still on the fence. If you typically buy books to read and then resell, donate, pass on to others or discard, Pinball Magazine may not be a wise purchase. If you do buy Pinball related books, this would be a good or better purchase. I chose to purchase Pinball Magazine and am very happy I did. It will go on a bookshelf with my Rossignoli, Shalhoub, Bueschel, McKeowin and Sharpe pinball books. My Pin Game Journals, being true magazines, are filed with other coin-op related periodicals in another place.” – MrBally


Got mine…nice job,good read.I think any pinhead will enjoy this quality publication.” – Jackofdiamonds


Mine came in yesterday! Great magazine! The pinball hobby was needing this to help keep pinball alive.” – Ron


En riktigt glassig sak dök ner i brevlådan… 112 sidor med flipperläsning i fantastiskt fin kvalitet.” (translation: “A really classy thing appeared in the mailbox … 112 pages with pinball reading in fantastic fine quality.” – Martin


Love the magazine! How about allowing us to donate our refund to Pinside?” – JJW


Received mine last week in Australia. I have to say it is mighty impressive and will take a lot to stay with the superb quality and content. Full marks to the publisher. Well worth buying IMO – I’m sure every pinhead will get something from it.” – Mike


Read a good chunk of it yesterday. I enjoyed Roger’s thoughts about making money in pinball. I’d like to see more of that in the future if possible. I’m not an operator, but the more in the wild the better for everyone, and as someone who runs their own business I like to read about others’ businesses.” – Chris


Got mine last week and its AWESOME. very well done, thank you for all your effort!” – Drmrpants


I’m still reading my copy that i bought at the UK pinball party in August. It’s a whole lot of magazine and a good read. Recommended” – Daniel


I just received my copy Friday. Excellent read.” – Colin


Just finished reading the last bit of issue #1. Excellent work my friend. I read every word in there…which is a-typical of me. I always skip around. I found the magazine to be well laid out, and I think you did a great job in the Q and A. Good questions, and good organization. Kept my interest – the answers didn’t seem too long or boring. At least not to me. Now where the h$ll is issue #2! Just kidding.” – Aaron


For anyone on the fence on buying a copy, I can attest that to call this a “magazine” is almost a disservice, a magazine to me is something you read and discard. This is a keeper that I enjoy over and over. Very well done and it resides next to my pinball books on my bookshelf. In fact, I had to purchase a second copy at PPE after I inadvertently left the first one in a hotel room and the maid tossed it. Bring on issues 2 & 3!” – PismoArcade


I picked up mine today from Michael Schiess at Pacific Pinball Museum. OUSTANDING JOB! Read the Pinball 2000 article first. Hope you’ll be able to make a graph like that based on Stern machines. I’ll read the rest of the magazine later on in the week.” – PaulCoff


Got my mag yesterday and WOW! What an incredible magazine and I can’t wait till the next issue. Do you have an ETA for #2? Loved the article about Pinside BTW. You should do an artice on Podcast that deal with our hobby.” – ScubaSteve


Received mine. Very impressed. Great work! ” – GoBlue


I got mine a awhile ago, and this thing is MEATY! I’m tempted to order a second one, and just keep in the wrapper forever!” – Sir Rob


It’s an awesome mag mate. Full high gloss pages. A bit like Cosmo for pinheads.” – Retropin


Great read and top quality in design.” – Peter


I have just finished reading my copy. What an excellent publication. Well written, in-depth interviews, glossy format and loads of hi-res pics. Also enjoyed the segment on ‘specialty collectors’” – Max