Screenshot from the announcement video. Slash (left) and Eric Meunier. Not the adjusted GnR logo.

After teasing their 6th game for several weeks, Jersey Jack Pinball finally confirmed with this video their 6th title will be Guns n Roses. The game is designed by Eric Meunier and Slash, lead guitarist of Guns n Roses. Keith Johnson has been the lead programmer, supervising a team of six programmers. The game will be available in three models with the following pricing:

  • Standard Edition: $6,750
  • Limited Edition: $9,500
  • Collectors Edition: $12,500

The Limited Edition and Collectors Edition feature an upper playfield, which is missing on the Standard model. The Collectors Edition (500 units) comes with a topper that includes extra speakers. The Collectors Edition is rumored to feature an additional mode and an extra ball lock mechanism, only available on that model. The CE model also comes with signatures of all members of Guns n Roses. Click here for more details on the game, its various models, and loads of photos. Pinball News also wrote a nice summary of the features of the game.

Check out the video below in which designer Eric Meunier discusses his collaboration with Slash and the features of the game.