Pinball Magazine doesn’t have a subscription model for the printed issues of Pinball Magazine. Each issue has a different page count and weight, which makes it difficult to charge for upcoming issues. Pinball Magazine is also not committing itself to releasing x amount of issues per year. Add to the the international demographics of Pinball Magazine readers, and you may understand why a subscription model is unlikely to work. Just think of each issue as a book.



While Pinball Magazine has no subscription model for its printed issues, there is a free monthly newsletter. In this newsletter the pinball industry news of the previous month is summarized. Any news on upcoming Pinball Magazine publications is also addressed in these newsletters. You can subscribe to these newsletters by filling out the form in the right column of this website.



It will be possible to order backcopies until the stock runs out.


International distribution and resellers

International distributors and resellers who order large quantities of Pinball Magazine will be discounted. Just as regular newsstands, and other salepoints, are discounted when buying papers and magazines to sell in their store, resellers get a similar discount. Send an email to editor(at)pinball-magazine(dot)com for quotations (replace ‘(at)’ for ‘@’ and ‘(dot)’ for ‘.’).