As there are some developments going on, please find the latest news regarding Pinball Magazine below:

  • Starting with the October Newsletter, which will be the September 2017 pinball industry recap, the monthly Pinball Magazine Newsletter will mainly contain the headlines of each manufacturer. The monthly recap will be posted on the Pinball Magazine website, and the newsletter will contain links to that summary.
  • While the newsletters will be send out at the beginning of each month, the pinball industry update of that month will be published and updated already during that month. This way the latest headlines and summaries will be availble much sooner.
  • None other than pinball historian Gordon Hasse wrote a 62-page article on the career of Gottlieb pinball designer Wayne Neyens for Pinball Magazine No. 5. Pinball Magazine also has 180(!) pages of transcripts of conversations with Wayne Neyens. The current plan is to use the article by Gordon Hasse as the lead article, but anecdotes from Wayne will be added to be as complete as possible in covering this career.
  • Pinball Magazine will start taking advertisements for Pinball Magazine No. 5 soon. Potential advertisers will receive an email soon with all the details. If you haven’t received this email, but would like to advertise as well, please contact: editor @ pinball-magazine .com (no spaces).
  • Pinball Magazine editor Jonathan Joosten is scheduled to host a seminar at Pinball Expo, Friday, October 13, at 1:00 PM. In this seminar, the upcoming Pinball Magazine No. 5 and a second upcoming publication will be discussed.
  • The Pinball Magazine website has been updated in some sections. Some posts on the front page appear now as shorted version and have a “Read more” button added to them.
  • The September batch of Pinball Magazine orders shipped out September 26th.