Pinball Magazine is aiming to sell at least 2,500 copies of the first magazine and hopefully even more of forthcoming issues. To some the 2,500 numbers may seem unrealistic. But if you take into consideration that e.g. 1,000 ‘Wizard of Oz Emerald City Limited Editions’ have been sold. That does indicate there are at least 1,000 pinball collectors who could be interested in Pinball Magazine. If you look at how many people are visiting pinball shows: a lot of them could be interested in Pinball Magazine. The International Flipper pinball Association has over 14,000 registered pinball tournament players all over the world. In The Netherlands, the Dutch Pinball Association has close to 1,000 members, of which perhaps only 300 occasionally visit a show. That does seem to indicate more people are interested in pinball than are attending shows. The challenge will be to reach these people.


In order to do so, Pinball Magazine is planning a huge promotional campaign. This campaign includes:

  • advertisements in other pinball magazines
  • a PR campaign aiming at operators and other professional coin-up amusement media
  • online previews through various websites
  • and special extras that will be kept a surprise

Long story short: Pinball Magazine wants to get noticed. As a result the advertisements in Pinball Magazine should get noticed too. If you are interested in advertising in Pinball Magazine, please see the sub-pages below the Advertising tab for Advertising rates and some useful tips that may benefit your advertisement.