Pinball Magazine 02 coverBelow are comments and feedback that came in after publishing Pinball Magazine No. 2.


“Great job, Jonathan, it’s beautiful.” – Dennis Nordman


“Amazing work once again! I received the magazine and it is stunning! Beautiful work! My wife is learning things about Dennis that she didn’t know ;-)” – Greg Freres


Wizard of Oz graphics animator Jean-Paul de Win posing next to the game he worked on, holding a testprint of PM02. JP also did the finishing touches on the cover.

Wizard of Oz graphics animator Jean-Paul de Win posing next to the game he worked on, holding a testprint of PM02. JP also did the finishing touches on the cover.

“The magazine just came in. It looks superb. Quality of print and colors are very good. My compliments! Let me know if you need my help again.” – Jean-Paul de Win (Jersey Jack Pinball)


“It’s another great issue. Awesome job!” – Bobby King (The Pinball Arcade)


“Mag came… pretty heavy … well done … great pinball stories! A lot of stuff in there. Amazing you have all those pictures printed … and that someone saved them… Your mag is great for pinball and you have made a stellar publication.” – John Popadiuk


“I’m halfway through my copy of No. 2 and I am blown away. The quality of everything is superb! It is definitely a coffee table mag. and will be an eye-catching treat wherever it is found. Dennis and Greg are now officially elevated to the status of pinball Gods. I expect to find their handprints in the sidewalk in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater.” – Doug Watson


“Just got mine! I can’t believe how large issue 2 is! Thanks so much, Jonathan! Lots to read! This will take me a long while to get through it…” – Ken Walker


“VERY neat magazine… More like a BOOK!” – Mike Pacak (Pinball Expo)


“I am stunned by the publication! Magnificent work! I will enjoy reading through it completely. I applaud you and your dedicated staff.” – Tim Ferrante


“I received the magazine. Thank you so much, it is really cool. I am glad to see the article about Greg and Dennis. I know them and they are great guys. I love Greg’s art. Keep up the fantastic work!” – Wade Krause


“Great job.” – Jim Schelberg (PinGame Journal)


“Great work on issue # 2, the magazine looks fantastic. Looking forward to issue #3.” – John B.


“WOW …. I’m totaly blown away. Just received the second edition. This is not a magazine, it’s a work of art. Well done Jonathan and your team. Now i have to find time to read this huge collection of infomation and artwork. After reading issue 1 ( many times ) I knew issue 2 would be good but didn’t expect it to be this good.” – Karl


“Your magazine is fantastic!” – Phil P.


“Just got issue 2 in Toronto, Canada! 2 words…. HOLY SHIT! It was like getting a big mail order catalogue. I had my wife hold her hand out and I dropped it on it, and it fell to the floor, she wasn’t ready for the weight of the thing. Awesome stuff! Can’t wait to read it. I would agree with earlier comments that the word “Magazine” is a misnomer, does not do this justice.

Great interview with Dave Peterson of Stern. Really tough questions, and his responses felt genuine and he seemed to take it well when someone else might have been combative when not given soft questions. Kudos to both of you. It was enlightening to learn more about the “money man” at Stern.” – Chris


“Issue #2 came in. What crap! Jeez…it’s TOO heavy with WAY too much information! Please try to cut the page count down and use fewer photos. Thanks! …just kiddin’ …it is FANTASTIC!!! and the issue is SO large, by the time you finish reading it, #3 will be ready… ” AND, it comes in a protective plastic sleeve (with cool WOZ and Metallica flyers) and boarded! Nice job!” – Ted


Robin from tweeted this very nice photo

Robin from tweeted this very nice photo

“The quality of the magazine is outstanding. Lots of interesting background stories and great images! All I can say is this: ORDER YOUR COPY NOW! Seriously, everyone who loves Pinball will love Pinball Magazine. Great job, Jonathan and PM crew ” – Robin


“I received my copy of Pinball Magazine, volumes 1 and 2, today. I’ve just started reading volume 1 and I’m very impressed with the quality of your publication. This appears to be a very slick (and glossy) publication ;-). I’m just a few pages into the interview with Roger Sharpe, but can’t wait to dig deeper.” – Phil H.


“All the prototype game photos and sketches in this edition are gold!” – Vid1900


“Received my magazine today. DAMN! it’s a Brick! So much stuff in there it’s just crazy. Finally someone who understood exactly how it’s gotta be, not just publicity! Now thank to you, i’ll be in the bathroom for the next 2 weeks. – Beatmaster


“Got mine today. Ordered on June 27th. Pretty fast. Lots of good stuff in there. Great price for so much content. – Vyzer2


“My copy of the second issue of Pinball Magazine arrived Thursday. I have spent a few hours reading through the new issue and it is better than the first issue. The quality of the magazine rivals some of the pinball collector books I have. There are a ton of great photos, interviews and articles that I am sure many would find very interesting. If you have not done so already, it is worth getting” – Shawn


“Mine arrived Thursday as well, I’m loving it!!!!!!! Agreed it’s even better! I also chuckled that they included flyers for Metallica and WOZ with the issue :)” – Eric


“I got issue number two today in the mail and I was shocked because it reminded me of having a Montgomery Ward Xmas catalog in my hands! Incredible magazine!!” – Robert


“I’m currently plowing throw the Nordman interview and the first thing that came to mind was the layout. The way you’ve tailored the interview around each of his games in a chronological order is fantastic. The huge splashes of the backglass and playfield for each game along with any associated photos is perfect. This includes listing the year and production numbers. I hope to see this as the model for any future designer interviews. Thanks for a great magazine.” – Don


“I got my copy a few days ago. I’m very impressed. Thanks for all the efforts Jonathan! I was super excited to see some pics of my SS playfield in there. Awesome! I’ll have to get your future issues, this magazine (more like a book) is just to good for any pinball enthusiast to pass up.” – Jeff R.


“I love my copy! It’s HUGE!” – Robert B.


“Another great issue! Keep up the amazing work!” – Kevin


“Just got my copy today and it looks stunning! I can’t wait to dive in.” – Paul M.


“Got mine from Mike Pacak, mag is very well done.” – Don


“I just wanna say thank you for an AWESOME product – many many thanks for your intense work for pinball community – just great to have this high gloss high class magazine. Amazing work and even thicker than issue 1. Keep up this great work.” – Henrik


Roy Wils, a well-known tournament player form The Netherlands mad the following unboxing video of his copy of Pinball Magazine No. 2:

“So when are you going to make this into a hardcover book? There are so few good pin books out there to pick from. I have both magazines and there both great reads but I’d rather see it come as a hard cover so I can put it out as a coffee table book for even non pin people to see-read. If you decide to offer these in hardcover one day, then put me down for the first two. Thanks and keep up the great work.” – Joe


“Magazine arrived yesterday. I thought No. 1 was amazing. No. 2 has raised the bar. It deserves a hard cover as it is so much like a book.” – Stuart T.


“Awesome stuff and loved that you had a chapter on Pinball Arcade. I love what these guys are doing for pinball globally and for you to reinforce this in your magazine is highly commendable.” – Andy


“Jonathan and Pinball Magazine hit one out the park with this issue! Great interviews throughout with little advertisements. Can’t wait for next issue!” – Perry D.


“@PinballMagazine just arrived. It’s remarkable, the high quality design: You can notice the dedication. Now, let’s read it!!!” – Costa Rica Pinball


“Just finished reading it today. Great magazine, worth every $, plenty of beautiful pictures and behind-the-curtain stories.” – Jim33


“I agree with the ‘great interview with Dave Peterson comment. The strategie of Stern is well explained. This magazine is very good. Thanks to this job.” – TicTac


“Issue #1 was fun to read – esp as a pin noob. Like they say this is far from a “magazine” due to the high quality paper and pix. Ordering #2 in a sec.” – Gumbo


“Glad to see you got the boxes in. I’ll be ordering this weekend, and hopefully at least one issue #1 will still be there. Great work from the previews.” – KoolFingers


“I was just lucky to be the first to get Issue 2 since I know Jonathan and live just forty miles from his headquarters. So I could just take my copy home and didn’t have to worry about my doormat getting damaged.
I’m happy to not have read anybody receiving the mag – well, a soft covered 188-page book may be a better name – had to replace their doormat, or repair the mailbox, because of the weight of this thing ” – Adjo


“Just got issue 2, all I have to say is wow. I’m a subscriber for every issue that comes out!” – Neil P.


“The magazines are fantastic quality in content and print format. By far the best in any magazine I have received. I cannot wait for Issue 3, 4, 5, 6……..100” – Craig R.


“I just love pinball & this magazine makes me love it even more!! The quality & information is brilliant. Love finding out information from the insiders. I hope that there are many more editions to come.” – Greg H.


“Just got mine in the mail today. What an amazing piece of work! If you are on the fence about ordering, just do it. It’s worth every penny. Now, back to reading. Best wishes to the publisher for continued success with future issues!” – Jerry Thompson (


“It’s official, this is no magazine. I just put a book mark in it. A BOOK…MARK… ” – Rabscuttle


“Got mine Friday…… Holy cow this is a masterpiece. Thank You!” – Dug


“Got both issues on Friday. I was going to wait to read them on the train this week but I started flipping through Issue 1 and couldn’t put it down. Great read and excellent presentation.” – Nutshell79


“If you haven’t ordered these yet you’re really missing out, DO EEEEET! I razored through issue one and I’ll be through with two shortly at this pace, they’re really hard to put down. Just excellent work.” – Aurich


“My Magazines got delivered today in the new cardboard box you mentioned and there is not a blemish on them at all! Pristine in fact! Great work, well done and thanks for such a great read!” – Jeff (in Australia)


“I just finished the second issue – the content and photos were great, but the best part about it was that I went to one of your advertisers to look for a part that I’ve been unable to find, and they had one! Shipping a $10 part from Australia cost $20, but it was still worth it to me, so thanks for the contact info for them.” – Steve


“Great mag and good news on better shipping! keep it up!” – Jeff G.


“I have received, opened, and read your fantastic magazine. I read both issues cover to cover! I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled to have the two first issues in my possession, and I cannot wait for the next issue to come out. You’ve done a great job. It’s so much fun reading about my passion in life. The historical aspect in your interviews has really made the games I play more interesting.” – Per