Due to being busy with various projects the Pinball Magazine website hasn’t been updated the past few months. That doesn’t mean there is no news:

  • The monthly Pinball Magazine Newsletter, reporting on the latest developments in the pinball industry, has become much more of a priority. If you haven’t subscribed to our monthly newsletter, you can do so on the right.
  • Pinball Magazine No. 5 is being worked on as well. The goal is to have issue 5 out at the beginning of October, but as there is so much work still to do it looks like that may be a bit optimistic. Pinball Magazine No. 5 will focus on the career of legendary Gottlieb pinball designer Wayne Neyens, who just turned 99. He’s the oldest still living pinball designer from the electromechanical era and he has great stories to tell. We’ve had the pleasure to to talk to Mr Neyens on several occasions and currently transcribed over 160 pages of text. As in here are the same stories told on different occasions this number will go down when we start editing, but it looks like issue 5 will be another book.
  • We’ll start taking ads for Pinball Magazine No. 5 soon.
  • Meanwhile another product is being worked on as well, but details on that will follow at a later stage.
  • We’ll update the website more frequently from now on.
  • In the mean time orders of Pinball Magazine No. 1, 3 and 4, Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book and pinball posters are shipping out in monthly batches. Visit the Pinball Magazine webshop to place your order.