Hardcover book (left), special supplement magazine (center) and set of exclusive postcards (right)

Hardcover book (left), special supplement magazine (center) and set of exclusive postcards (right)

Pinball magazine will ship a new batch of orders the first week of July. These orders may include Santiago Ciuffo’s new PINBALL book, Pinball Magazine No. 2, or both as a package deal. There are still a few sets of exclusive postcards available for free for those who order now (while supplies last).


For more info on the book please check the following links: All info on PINBALL – Santiago Ciuffo, Reviews and feedback gallery, PDF download of the free 80-page supplement magazine


You can  order the book and Pinball Magazine No. 2 in the Pinball Magazine webshop.


PINBALL book mag postcardsFor those attending California Extreme: following a successful collaboration on the NW Pinball & Arcade Show, the Pacific Pinball Museum and Pinball Magazine are happy to announce continuing their collaborating on California Extreme, held on July 12 and 13, 2014. The book will be available at the PPM stand at CAX at a reduced price.


The book comes with a special supplement magazine and (while supplies last) an exclusive set of postcards, which is limited to the first 500 orders. These sets of postcards normally contain 10 different postcards, but the sets at the show will contain 15 different cards. However, the number of books being available is limited. As we don’t want to disappoint anyone at the show, we’re allowing people to reserve a copy of the book and all the extra’s upfront. This can be done by sending an email to editor @ pinball-magazine . com (no spaces). After reserving your copy you can pay for it and pick it up at the PPM stand during the show.


UPDATE: the July batch shipped the 4th of July. The next batch will ship early August.