Last month former pinball designer Barry Oursler asked the pinball community for help as he could no longer pay the medical bills for him and his wife. That fundraiser was very successful and raised over $20,000 USD in just five days. So while barry and his wife have a little less to worry about, things are different for pinball artist and designer Python Anghelo. Pinball Magazine is currently working on a cover story on Python since january of 2013 and editor Jonathan Joosten has stayed in touch with Python since then. Python has been diagnosed with cancer some years ago and has had heavy chemo therapy which initially seemed to have a good effect on him.


Last month Python rushed to a hospital after his medication got screwed up. After about two weeks Python was released from the hospital to go home where he would have medical help (hospess) available 24/7. After a falling out with his family regarding the medical care Python required, which we’re not getting into in detail at this point in time, James Loflin of Pinball Inc offered to pay for the hospess. as such help is quite expensive Paul Kiefert initiated a fundraiser similar to Oursler’s to cover some of the expenses Python is currently facing. below is the video that was made for this fundraiser:

In the mean time over $ 10,000.00 has been raised, which is more than half of the goal of $ 20,000. In a reaction Python has recorded the following ‘thank you’ video:

If you appreciate Python’s work in pinball, or his art that goes even way beyond, then please donate to facilitate his medical care. We may not have Python around for much longer, but it would be nice if he would be in good hands for the time he has left. The editorial staff of Pinball Magazine will continue to work on Issue 3, which will have the cover story on Python Anghelo. We sincerely hope Python will still be around when the magazine is being published, so he can enjoy it himself as well.