barry oursler

Former pinball designer Barry Oursler, who designed close to 30 pinball machines including Gorgar, Space Shuttle, Pin-Bot, Dr Who and Junkyard, reached out for help on Facebook to pay for the medical bills of him and his wife. Below, please find what Barry posted:


“In February 2013, I was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. The treatments and prescriptions are not covered 100% by insurance, so the bills are piling up. Last July, Donna was diagnosed with kidney failure. As a result, she must receive dialysis 3 times per week. Her prescriptions are very expensive. To make matters worse, it is costing us $350 per month for transportation to and from dialysis. Because of where our house is situated, she cannot use the discounted pickup services that are offered in our area. She must take a cab both ways. We have been married almost 40 years and I would like to keep us both around for awhile longer. Any donation will be appreciated, no matter how large or small.”


Barry can be supported by donating via a special Gofundme website. It is heartwarming to see that in just five days over $ 18,000 has been donated. The goals was set for $ 20.000. If you can spare some money and wish to help Barry and his wife, please donate now.