Following several video teasers over the past few weeks (video 1, video 2, video 3), American Pinball finally revealed their latest Galactic Tank Force game.

The release trailer for Galactic Tank Force
Player’s view

Galactic Tank Force is designed by pinball industry veteran Dennis Nordman, who’s career in pinball has been widely documented in Pinball Magazine No. 2. Artwork is by Christopher Franchi. The game is available in four models: Signature, Limited, Deluxe, and Classic, of which the Signature and Limited Edition cabinet looks like a tank, especcially when the backbox is folded down. The Signature and Limited models are extremely limited in quantity, and once they are sold out, only Deluxe and Classic models will be available.

The tank-shaped cabinet
The Deluxe and Classic cabinet
Breakdown of the available models for Galactic Tank Force

Galactic Tank Force, an original theme, appears to be the first pinball machine for which due to the lack of available video assetts, live-action videoclips have been recorded that are displayed during gameplay. Think of it as recording voice calls for the game, but now as video. The trailer video already revealed the names of four actors, but several American Pinball employees also appear as video characters in the game.

The frontpage of the flyer for the game

Here’s what American Pinball VP David Fix says about the game:
“Set in the far-off Namdron Galaxy on the moon of Luminar, ‘GalacticTank Force‘ puts players in the pilot seat of a high-tech tank on a mission to defend the recently established lunar research base from the invading forces of the ruthless Empress Annoya. Featuring live actors, stunning artwork, engaging gameplay, and challenging missions, ‘Galactic Tank Force‘ is a unique pinball experience that combines classic pinball action with modern technology and a compelling story. This revolutionary game takes the industry by storm with its groundbreaking live-action performances from four talented actors: Kerri Hoskins, Jeff Hoover, Mitchell Politt, and Clementine Morfoot. Witness the characters come to life on the machine’s display, adding a whole new level of immersion to your gameplay experience. We are confident that ‘GalacticTank Force‘ will be a great addition to your collection and will be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. For more information or to place your order, please contact your American Pinball distributor today.”

The back of the game flyer

The reveal of the game isn’t without controversy, as it turns out that the always eye-catching Antoinette Johnson revealed on her Facebook page that she was supposed to be a character in the game. Unfortunately, as she wasn’t comfortable with the conditions stated in the agreement offered by American Pinball regarding the use of her likeliness, she was dropped from the game. More on this later.