Jurassic Park Pro and Limited Edition

Within a week of revealing their new Star Wars Pin, images leaked of Stern Pinball’s upcoming cornerstone game: Jurassic Park. The images appear to be screendumps from a webinar presentation that Gary Stern hosted for distributors the morning of July 23rd. The official announcement for the game is rumored to be July 25th. Rumored designer is Keith Elwin, which would make it his second game design. As with all cornerstone titles, three different models are available: Pro, Premium and Limited Edition. This article will be updated once the game is officially announced.

Jurassic Park Pro playfield

Jurassic Park Pro playfield details

Jurassic Park Pro playfield features

Jurassic Park Premium playfield

Jurassic Park Premium playfield details

Jurassic Park premium cabinet

Jurassic Park Pro vs Premium playfield

Jurassic Park Limited Edition cabinet with green trim

Jurassic Park instruction card