Pinball Magazine has signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Santiago Ciuffo to publish his coffee table book PINBALL. Santiago Ciuffo is a talented photographer who works for several respected media in Argentina. After buying his first pinball machine he became more interested in the world of pinball in his home country Argentina. In his book he briefly explains the difficulty to import games into Argentina and how distributors had to come up with creative solutions to import pinball machines into their country. Knowing this history makes some of the photos in his book even more special.


The first copies of he book were published in December 2013. Pinball Magazine editor Jonathan Joosten noticed photos of the book on Facebook and contacted Ciuffo. “I was very impressed by the beauty of the photography and disappointed to find out that it is very difficult to export the book from Argentina. A book like this deserves to reach pinball enthusiasts all over the world. I explored my options to publish the book and distribute it around the world. I’m happy to announce that all the paper work has been signed.” Below you can get an impression of what the book looks like.

Pinball - santiago ciuffo

Pinball - Santiago Ciuffo - opening spread

Pinball - Santiago Ciuffo - text page

Pinball - Santiago Ciuffo - spread 1

Pinball - Santiago Ciuffo - paragon spread

Pinball - Santiago Ciuffo - Circus spread

Pinball - Santiago Ciuffo - Gottlieb line up spread

The international edition of PINBALL by Santiago Ciuffo will be published as a hardcover book at the end of February 2014. The original book counts 180 pages, of which five are textpages in Spanish. The majority of the book are full-page photos, as can be seen in the photos above. The international edition published by Pinball Magazine will have more pages as it will feature the original text, as well as translations in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and perhaps other languages as well. Joosten: “Since there will be less of a language barrier I expect non English speaking pinball enthusiasts to be more interested than with regular Issues of Pinball Magazine.”


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ATTENTION ADVERTISERS: The pinball book will come with a special Issue of Pinball Magazine (in 6 languages) for which currently ads are being taken. If you have a pinball related product or service to promote, you may want to consider advertising in this magazine. Besides being included with each book it will also be distributed for a small fee at various pinball shows all over the world. It will also be available as a fee downloadable PDF. Expected minimum print of the magazine: 8,000 copies. That’s a lot of pinball minded people that may see you ad. For more info contact: editor(AT)pinball-magazine(DOT)com.