It’s the annual EAG Expo in London (UK) and Pinball Magazine came to take a look at the pinball rleated activities.


Electrocoin has their regular booth with 3 Stern games: 2 Star Trek Pro’s and an AC/DC Luci Premium. Gary stern is here as well as Stern’s Shelley Sax. Flyer are available for Star Trek and Metallica. On another stand another Star Trek Pro was spotted as well.


Pinball Heaven has a small booth with 3 Wizard of Oz games. 2 standard models and a 75th Anniversary LE. Phile did his own flyer, which is available at his stand. Unfortunately JJP’s Jack Guarnieri cancelled his visit to the show, apparently due to being ill.


Two other pinball companies were supposed to be present as well, but aren’t. Heighway Pinball (UK) and Marsaplay (Spain) both didn’t show up for reasons unknown.


That’s all so far. This report will be updated with photos later on.