Pinball Brothers just sent out a press release, indicating they are merging with their contract manufacturer Pedretti Gaming and moving into a larger manufacturing facility. Read the press release below for all details.

“A very eventful 2022 is soon behind us, and 2023 is almost here. For Pinball Brothers this will
be extra exciting as we are kicking off by moving our production to a new factory. The move
will slow us down for a couple of weeks, but from second half of January we expect to be up
and running with a bang!

The move also sees us joining forces with our long-time partner Pedretti Gaming. Together
we have shipped close to 800 games and have decided to take the partnership to the next
level by forming Euro Pinball Corp. The purpose of the new company is to provide a superior
platform for large scale manufacturing of pinball machines. Besides the raw capacity increase
it will allow us to run production of multiple games in parallel.

As 2022 comes to an end the times continue to be quite unpredictable. We have experienced
a lot of delays in the last 12 months, and while we have managed to bring out Queen, so far
only a few games compared to what we hoped and planned for. We are very sorry for this,
but we are sure it will be worth the wait.

There is just a small number of games shipped to customers in Europe who specifically signed
up for taking part in this early run of games. So if you aren’t one of the first adopters please
don’t be too jealous. We are very aware of the queue and we’ll make it worth your while.
We are currently sorting the last minor issues before the first big production run that will
follow in January. The good news is that the software will continue to evolve in the meantime.
We know people like to bash us for the timeline, but latest Covid developments are out of
our hands still. Due to that we are certainly exploring alternative European manufacturing
choices for some parts, but this process also takes time to make sure the quality meets our

Anyway, for 2023 there are very big plans from us. Increased manufacturing means we
can have a much wider network of distributors to make sure everybody who wants a game
should have an easier time finding one. Our aim is to decrease lead-times too and make all
our games available on demand, just like Alien is now (ask for it and you will get it).
And there are new projects in the pipeline … Next year is really a year to look forward too. We
hope you all are having a great end to 2022 and wish you an amazing 2023 – full of pinball!”