Stern Pinball and American Pinball have started campaigns teasing upcoming games.

Stern Pinball released a video announcing Foo Fighters to be revealed soon.

The teaser video for Foo Fighters pinball

American Pinball just shared the video below, teasing their fifth title. Similar to the Foo Fighters video, the game isn’t shown yet. Instead, a number of characters is introduced, and a new logo for the brand.

Update: Stern Pinball have revealed Foo Fighters as of February 28, 2023.
Jersey Jack Pinball also started teasing their upcoming game with the image below:

The first teaser image from Jersey Jack Pinball’s upcoming new title, which is rumored to be themed around The Godfather movie trilogy.

More new titles from other manufacturers are rumred as well, such as a Pulp Fiction-themed game coming from Raw Thrills, manufactured by Chicago Gaming. And there may be more… Stay tuned!