August might mean the end of summer but things are just starting to heat up in the pinball world, with fraud accusations, a whole new way to play the game and lots of new titles to enjoy. So, Jonathan Joosten of Pinball Magazine and Martin Ayub of Pinball News are back with their monthly PINcast to bring you up-to-date with all the month’s key industry news from all the big players.

They are joined by four special guests to talk about the latest game releases and upcoming titles. Gerry Stellenberg and Rory Cernuda led the team behind Multimorphic’s new Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and they explain the concept, planning and development process of the game. Mike Kalinowski is the owner of Homepin and he reveals exclusive details about his company’s second pinball title, including how the licence was acquired, which assets they landed, and some of the features we will see when the game is officially unveiled. David Fix from American Pinball gives an update on the launch of the company’s fourth title and what’s currently underway at the factory. Plus, with his other hat on, looks forward to all the excitement at this year’s Pinball Expo show in its brand new home. There’s much more news from those involved in all aspects of pinball and another caller who might – or might not – make it into this bumper August PINcast.