Mockup cover for Pinball Magazine No. 5 (subject to change)

Pinball Magazine is now taking advertisements for Pinball Magazine No. 5! If you’re offering any pinball-related products, parts, services, organize a pinball show, offer pinball on location, run a barcade, have a pinball related podcast, or something else pinball related, Pinball Magazine No. 5 is the best place for you to advertise and reach all these dedicated pinball enthusiasts.


Pinball Magazine did send out a newsletter to potential advertisers about advertising in Pinball Magazine No. 5. In case you didn’t get such an email notification, you may either not be on our advertiser’s mailing list, or the email bounced. Please send an email to: editor @ pinball-magazine . com (no spaces) so I can direct you to the details on the content of issue 5, Early Bird advertising rates and such. Please note: the back cover and inside covers have been reserved for previous advertisers. Pinball Magazine No. 5 will hopefully be printed and available in April 2018.


Here’s a tip for those interested in advertising, but not capable of making a proper advertisement: On it should be really easy to find someone who can make you an ad for just $5. Look at the Advertising or Graphics & Design section.