New in the Pinball Magazine webshop: 3 posters with concept art by Kevin O’Connor. The three available posters are:

  • Backglass art for King Kong (Data East, only nine prototype games ever built),
  • Concept backglass art for Playboy (Data East) This magic marker sketch was made when the Playboy 35th Anniversary game was set to be themed around a Playboy photoshoot. Eventually the theme was changed to a pool party.
  • Concept backglass and cabinet sketches for Star Trek (Data East) The poster includes early magic marker scetches and the magic marker sketches that got approved.

Like all posters in the Pinball Magazine webshop they are priced at Euro 6.50, or any three posters for Euro 15.00. The posters are sized 50 x 70 cm. Note that all three posters have a white border all around the center image.