Pinball Magazine Christmas 2015


Xmas Puzzle

As you can see the above Christmas tree is heavily decorated with various pinball keychains and promo plastics. Earlier this year Pinball Magazine did a contest in which the number of pages of Pinball Magazine No. 3 had to be guessed. This time it’s about naming as many games from plastics in the tree and the number of plastics in the tree.

1st price: a copy of PINBALL, Santiago Ciuffo’s hardcover coffee table photo book and a copy of Pinball magazine No. 3, awarded to the submission that names the most games of which plastics are hanging in the tree. Note that each incorrect named game will result in subtracting a correctly named game. This to prevent that people will submit a list of 500 games that likely covers the whole tree and more.

2nd price: a copy of Pinball Magazine No. 3, awarded to the first submission that names the correct amount of plastics hanging in the tree the first. Note: 1 entry per person, no revisions allowed (edits in the Pinside forum topic will result in a disqualification).

Submissions can be entered until January 2nd, 2016, by sending an email to: editor @ pinball-magazine . com (remove the spaces, please name the topic of your email Xmas Contest), or though the Pinside forum, which will have a special topic on this puzzle.


Happy Holidays and good luck!


Jonathan, Susanne, Paul, Eric, Gisi

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