Stern PM Kiss bannerPinball Magazine No. 3 is coming soon! The long awaited new Issue should be available mid to late July 2015. Potential advertisers can now book their ads in the upcoming magazine. Early Bird rates expire June 21st.

Contrary to previous plans the originally scheduled Python Issue will be moved forward to Issue 4 and the upcoming 3rd Issue will be focussing on KISS pinball machines with lots of behind the scenes info. The magazine should feature interviews with:

  • Pinball designer John Borg, who designed the latest KISS pinball machine for Stern. He discusses his latest game.
  • Artist Kevin O’Connor, who did the artwork for all Stern models as well as the 1979 Bally KISS game. Kevin discusses working on both KISS games.
  • Jody Dankberg, marketing manager at Stern Pinball, discusses the new KISS game
  • Pinball designer Jim Patla, who designed the original Bally KISS pinball machine. Jim discusses how Bally moved from electromechanical games to solid-state and lots more interesting anecdotes from his time at Bally
  • Tom Nieman, Bally’s Director of Marketing who invented licensing in pinball, talks about how licensing propelled Bally to become the Number 1 pinball manufacturer in the late ’70s
  • All details on Bally’s infamous one-of-a-kind fiberglass talking KISS game from 1979
  • 2 – 3 shorter restoration articles on the Bally KISS pinball game
  • Articles on Freddy’s Pinball Paradise in Germany, Pinball Creative in the UK and the Pavlov Pinball website
  • and lots more

The magazine should be a great read for both pinball enthusiasts and KISS fans who want to know everything there is to know about the band’s pinballs. So if you’re offering any (officially licensed, else: be creative) KISS related pinball items (e.g: games, custom shooter rods, side art decals, droptarget decals, bumpercaps, mods, overlays, playfields. lightbulbs, LEDs, plastic sets, backglasses, rubber rings, cool toppers and what else there is), or have a location with a KISS pinball game, this upcoming Issue of Pinball Magazine might be the best place to advertise in order to reach the enthusiasts that may be looking for your product / service / location.


Potential advertisers who have not yet received an email with more details are asked to send an email to: editor @ pinball-magazine . com (remove the spaces) for more info. Please note that the back cover, and inside front/back covers are reserved for previous advertisers. The two pages prior to the inside back cover are also scheduled as ad pages and available as such.


While the Early Bird advertising rates expire June 21st, ad artwork can be submitted until June 26th.