Pinball posters by Santiago CiuffoFollowing the publication of Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book, Pinball Magazine had posters made of some of the most popular photos in the book. These posters will debute at the UK Pinball Party 2014. The remaining posters will be sold in the Pinball Magazine webshop. For the UK Pinball Party the following posters are available:

  • Galaxy playfield detail (cover of the Pinball book)
  • Centaur playfield detail (page 199 in the book)
  • Nine Ball playfield detail (page 176 in the book)
  • Pin-Bot backglass detail (not in the book)
  • Time Line playfield detail (page 145 in the book)
  • Xenon playfield detail (page 148 in the book)
  • Gorgar (page 187 in the book)*

Besides these posters there are also posters of the cover of Pinball Magazine No. 1 (Roger Sharpe) and No. 2 (Dennis Nordman & Greg Freres). All posters measure 50 cm (w) x 70 cm (h) (= 19.7 inch (w) x 27.6 inch (h)). The Santiago Ciuffo posters are printed on 170 grams glossy paper. The Pinball Magazine covers are printed on 100 grams paper.


* The Gorgar poster was done to tie in with pinball designer Barry Oursler’s visit to the UK Pinball Party 2014. Pinball Magazine editor Jonathan Joosten explains why: “Both Barry and Donna are ill and face huge medical bills. Earlier this year Barry did a fundraiser to pay for these, which worked out very well for them. But the costs continue, so I figured I could sell a Barry Oursler related poster at the show and Barry could autograph them. The money from sold posters will be donated Barry and Donna as well.”


The week after the UK Pinball Party the posters will become available in the Pinball Magazine webshop. Currently the proper postal rates are being calculated and once these are confirmed by DHL the posters will be added to the webshop. The posters will be shipped in cardboard tubes. As these posters don’t weigh as heavy as a regular Pinball Magazine, postal costs are expected to be rather economical. More news on these posters next week.