American Pinball just revealed their newest pinball title: Barry O’s Barbecue Challenge. The game is designed by the late Barry Oursler, who unexpectedly passed away when he alomst finished designing the game. Below are the front and back of the sales brochure and the press release for the game.

American Pinball is proud to announce Barry Oursler’s final all-new design, commemorating his illustrious 46-year career in game design. In honor of Barry, we’re excited to introduce ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ – a pinball adventure that captures the essence of summer fun and embodies the spirit of neighborhood BBQ Festivals across America. Available in two delectable editions – Limited and Classic – each game is seasoned to perfection, ready to become the centerpiece of your collection. Commemorating Barry’s legacy, the royalties from ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ will be directed to his estate, supporting his family and continuing his impactful contribution to the world of pinball.

Crafted with the durability of the finest smokers and featuring vibrant animations, ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ promises endless entertainment and joy. This game is a tribute not just to Barry’s legacy in pinball design but also to the rich culture of barbecue, making it an essential addition for pinball enthusiasts and barbecue aficionados alike.

The development of ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ represents a collaborative effort that merges the expertise of seasoned professionals and innovative talents. Steven Bowden spearheaded the creation of the game’s complex rules, while Joe Schober and Casey Butler were instrumental in software, engineering, and guaranteeing a responsive and engaging gameplay. David Thiel elevated the game’s auditory landscape through meticulous sound engineering and the composition of a festive theme soundtrack, complemented by Matt Kern’s authentic voice production and his skill at finding amazing voice talent.

Contributions from Steve Bowden, Dennis Nordman and Ryan McQuaid in design assistance played a vital role in refining the game’s playfield, creating a compelling and immersive experience. The visual and interactive elements of the game were brought to life under the art direction of Jack Haeger, with Dan Hughes providing the artwork, and animations crafted by Jessica Durbala and Bobby Llereza. The mechanical integrity and design, managed by Zofia Ryan and Mitesh Pithva, along with Benjamin Kibler’s project management, ensured the game’s seamless operation from the get-go. Through this collective expertise, ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ not only pays homage to Barry Oursler’s remarkable legacy but also captures the essence of pinball.

We invite you to check out ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ at the following launch locations (as of March 9, 2024):

Here is a detailed breakdown of the pricing and contents for each edition:

Limited Edition  100 Red Powder Coated Side Armor, Aura Lighting System Pre-Installed, Magic Glass, Shaker, Knocker, Limited BBQ Red Cooking Apron, Limited Edition Brass Plate   $8,495.00 
Classic Edition   N/A  Standard Features .$6,995.00

The Limited model is exclusive, and once it is sold out, only Classic models will be available.

We are confident that ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’ will be a great addition to your collection and will be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. For more information or to place your order, please contact your American Pinball distributor today.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences with ‘Barry O’s BBQ Challenge’!