The article on in which Pinball Magazine is announced is drawing a lot of attention to the Pinball Magazine website, Facebook page and Twitter account. That’s great! Thanks for all the support. This post is an update to inform you on the current status of PM#01 (or should it be #PM01?), and what still needs to be done.

  • The main interview has been typed out and is currently being revised. There have been 3 interview sessions so far and a 4th is being planned to answer any remaining questions, cross the t’s and dot the i’s.
  • Just to get an idea: printed out, the current version of the main interview counted 43 pages of plain text. Obviously, when photos will be added, the number of pages will grow. Read more…
  • All other articles and features are still in the works, which is fine. Some people have been requested to give some input, other still need to be asked.
  • The minimum amount of pages for the magazine is set at 68, and that number will grow is steps of 8 pages as more content, as well as advertisements, is still being added.
  • Speaking of advertising: In case you’re interested in advertising in the magazine, but have not been contacted so far: please use the contact form to get in touch with Pinball Magazine. You will then be informed about the exciting possibilities for advertising in the first issue.
  • Due to the number of content and advertising pages still growing, the deadline for PM#01 is still flexible. The plan is to publish (= send to subscribers in printed form) the first issue in the beginning of July 2012, so the deadline should be somewhere around the end of May, or the beginning of June.
  • After the deadline it will probably take about 3 weeks to a month to finalize the magazines layout, send it to the printer, ship copies to the company that handles packaging and posting and send the magazine to the individual subscribers. Again, all progress will be reported on this website. However, if you’re considering to advertise an event, please keep this period between the deadline and the actual publication in mind.
  • In the mean time the Pinball Magazine website will continue to be developed. It is likely to get a different look. The current top priority however, is adding an online shop where you can order your copy of Pinball Magazine. Apparently that takes time as there are various banking systems involved and that all needs to be secure and stuff like that.

You also can expect more updates like this one. It is an easy way of informing and being transparent and open about what is going on. Obviously surprises will be kept a surprise, but if there is some news and/ or progress to report, you will read it here.