Pinball Magazine 1 final coverIt has been a while since the last batch of Pinball Magazines was shipped. In the mean time we have focussed on making Issue 2, which is about 75% finished. Since orders for Issue 1 kept coming in we’re announcing another extra shipment. Batch 9 will ship next week. All orders that came in since the shipment of Batch 8 will then ship. All orders that come in in the mean time will be included in Batch 9 as well, until Batch 9 ships. If you haven’t ordered your copy of Pinball Magazine No. 1 yet, here’s your chance!


Pinball Magazine No.1 content listing:

  • 112 full color pages on quality paper
  • According to many more a coffee table book than a magazine
  • Huge interview (almost biography) with Roger Sharpe
  • Others about Roger, including contributions by Gary Flower, Larry DeMar, Gary Stern, Josh Sharpe, Zach Sharpe, Steve Epstein, Dennis Nordman, Greg Freres and others
  • International Flipper Pinball Accosiation 2.0, interview with Josh and Zach Sharpe
  • A look on the inside of, Interview with founders Robin and Martijn van Mourik
  • Exploring the Pacific Pinball Museum, interview with Michael Schiess
  • Jeremy Fleitz talks about collecting Game Plan pinball machines
  • and more

To get an idea what Pinball Magazine looks like, see the preview magazine with sample pages from the magazine below.

Or watch the short video below:

In case you wonder how others responded when they got their copy of Pinball Magazine No. 1, please take a look at the Feedback page.


Update: Batch 9 shipped out April 25th, 2013. The next batch of Pinball magazine will ship either together with Batch 1 of Pinball Magazine No. 2 (due out in June), or sooner in case the number of incoming orders matches the minimum criteria for DHL.