Pinball Magazine No.1

Pinball Magazine No.1:


  • 112 full color pages on quality paper
  • According to many more a coffee table book than a magazine
  • Huge interview with Roger Sharpe
  • Others about Roger, including contributions by Gary Flower, Larry DeMar, Gary Stern, Josh Sharpe, Zach Sharpe, Steve Epstein, Dennis Nordman, Greg Freres and others
  • International Flipper Pinball Accosiation 2.0, interview with Josh and Zach Sharpe
  • A look on the inside of, Interview with Robin and Martijn van Mourik
  • Exploring the Pacific Pinball Museum, interview with Michael Schiess
  • and more

To get an idea what Pinball Magazine looks like, see the preview magazine with sample pages from the magazine below.

Or watch the short video below:

In case you wonder how others responded when they got their copy of Pinball Magazine No. 1, please take a look at the Feedback page.



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