As you may have read below Pinball Magazine Batch 8 shipped February 15th. All orders that came in after that, and they keep coming in on a daily basis 🙂 , will ship in Batch 9. However, as we are working on finishing up Pinball Magazine Issue 2, we did not pick a date to ship Batch 9. First of all a minimum number of orders is required and that has not been met yet. So it might make sense to ship Batch 9 together with the first shipment of Issue 2, which is hopefully min-April. If enough orders do come in prior to Issue 2 going to print Batch 9 may ship earlier. If you have any questions about ordering Issue 1, please contact us via the Contact-page.


Pinball Magazine No.2 will go on pre-sale as soon as the number of pages is known. If you have subscribed to the newsletter you will be informed about the start of the pre-sale.


Update April 13th: Where still collecting orders for Batch 9. Batch 9 is expect to ship out before the end of April. Issue 2 will be printed in May.