Last weekend Pinball magazine was officially launched at the UK Pinball Party 2012. Gary flower and special guest Mark Ritchie, both featured in the magazine, received a copy of the magazine after the UK Pinball Party diner on saturday night.


The magazine was for sale on the show floor and many people bought a copy. Below are some of the reactions on the magazine:


It feels good just to hold it. This is not a magazine. It’s a book! It’s quality. Congratulations!” – Gary Flower


“Wow! I like to read this.” After taking a look at some pages: “What game is that? Cyclones? I never heard of that.” – Mark Ritchie (spotting a typo on the Cyclopes page)


“I was expecting a regular magazine. I wasn’t expecting this. This is impressive.” – Mark


“We got your magazine last night. It’s awesome.” – Barranca


“You’re right: it’s a book. There’s lots of reading in there. Fantastic!” – Vin


“It’s a passionate magazine. It is very good.” – Frank Bona


“It’s a fantastic first issue Jonathan. Will take a while to read it all (it’s more book than magazine), but the quality shines through. I think as people see this in the flesh they will see that it’s £11 well spent, and surely a collectors edition as the publication moves on. Great work. Can’t wait to see the next one!” – Paul (posted on the UK Pinball Group, £11 was the pickup price at the UK Pinball Party)


“I bought it and I am enjoying your magazine, Jonathan. It’s well written and a quality product, but I reckon you’d sell a lot more if you can lower the cover price.” – Daniel


“Got a copy sitting here in the UK… very good!” – Adrian


Hi Jonathan, I’m back in France. I’ve just read your magazine and I can tell you I couldn’t leave it! It’s a real pleasure to read, well illustrated (there are always pictures near the named pinball machines). For having been country director, I’ve read very instructive informations on the ifpa seen by Roger. Please keep up the good work 🙂” – Nicolas


“I was lucky enough to pick this up at the Pinball Party in the UK last weekend. It’s a great read, by far the most impressive pinball magazine out there. Huge amount of content to read, lots of high quality pictures, all in colour on beautiful glossy pages. Highly recommended! Wish there were more magazines like this.” – Wizcat (on Pinside forum)


This week the pre-ordered magazines will be send out. We’re looking forward for you feedback and possible suggestions for Issue No. 2.