As you may recall, Pinball Magazine published Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book in 2014. This is a 208-page full-color hardcover coffee table book with beautiful photos of mostly American-made pinball machines found in Argentina. At the time, I figured there would be more demand for a book with photos than the traditional issues of Pinball Magazine, which contain in-depth interviews. So I printed the book and stored most of these books in offsite storage. While the book has been a steady seller, there are still quite a few copies in that storage. No problem; if it wasn’t, I need to move out of that storage by the end of this month.

Pinball Magazine usually doesn’t offer discounts, but I guess this is the exception to this rule: So, for the entire month of December 2022, Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book will be discounted by 50%. That means you can get a book copy for only Euro 14.99 + shipping instead of the usual Euro 29.90 + shipping.

Visit the Pinball Magazine webshop to place your order by clicking here.

The book does come with a bonus issue of Pinball Magazine that contains a 4-page interview with Argentinean photographer Santiago Ciuffo in 12 languages, photos that were not published in the book, and advertisements by various pinball companies that made it possible to publish the book internationally. So the book is free of ads, as these are all in the supplement magazine.

Originally the book also came with a set of free postcards. Those are gone, but postcards from a different postcard set by Santiago Ciuffo will be included with every order as long as supplies last.

In case you’re interested in this special offer, you may also be interested in getting a copy of Pinball Magazine issues 1 to 5. These are not discounted, but they haven’t increased in price either, while everything else around you has. When ordering the book and some issues of Pinball Magazine, you’re likely to save on shipping costs as well.

Visit the Pinball Magazine webshop to place your order by clicking here.

When ordering the PINBALL book, please note the following: due to the weight and size of the book, it can only be shipped as a Package. If you select any other shipping method, such as LETTER mail, your order cannot be processed, and you will be asked to pay the additional postal costs.

As seen by the images in this newsletter, Santiago Ciuffo’s PINBALL book is a great holiday gift. The sooner you place your order, the sooner it will arrive. Please note that I can’t guarantee when your order will arrive as I’m not in charge of postal delays.

The response to puy the book, and copies of Pinball Magazine No. 1 to 5, has been great. Thank you for that. It also brought forward a few glitches in the webshop that I wasn’t aware of. I’ll look into these as soon as I can, but for now here is one solution to a common issue:

If you get a message during checkout that no shipping options are available this can be a result of the total weight in your cart being over 5 kilograms. The simple solution: remove one or two issues of Pinball Magazine from your cart and try again. Place a second order for the magazines you just removed, as that will give you cheaper shipping options.

If you get a notification that your country isn’t available, please send me an e-mail (editor @ pinball-magazine . com without any spaces) and I’ll look into it right away.

European customers are also welcome to order via email and pay via IBAN bank transfer. I’ll add details on that in the upcoming Pinball Magazine Newsletter.

Visit the Pinball Magazine webshop to place your order by clicking here.