A new month means a brand new Pinball Industry News PINcast from Jonathan Joosten of Pinball Magazine and Martin Ayub of Pinball News, covering the events throughout November in the amazing world of pinball.

They bring you all the latest news from a dozen pinball companies around the globe, including a new kit for Funhouse to give Rudy nightmares, a new edition of the Cactus Canyon remake and a Chinese mini-pinball which is a whole new ball game.


Plus, there’s news from the big pinball shows, staffing changes and new jobs opportunities in the industry, the latest details of upcoming titles, extra game features in the newest software updates, a new pinball publication, multiple seminars to watch, and Martin’s exhausting travels across the USA in an attempt to visit three pinball shows in just one week.


Lots of pinball happened in November. Make sure you don’t miss any of it.