With a 32nd edition Pinball Expo is the mother of all pinball shows. The upcoming show promises to be a very interesting one for numerous reasons:

  1. Stern Pinball will reveal their much anticipated and discussed Batman 66 game on Friday October 14th at a special 30th anniversary party. Latest news regarding that game, per Gary Stern himself, is that instead of the originally announced 30 Super Limited Editions, they are now doing 50 extra, totalling at 80 units (almost three times the original announced number of 30). Stern’s explanation: 30 for 30 years of Stern + 50 for 50 years of Batman.
  2. Jersey Jack Pinball will reveal the even much longer anticipated third JJP game, designed by a team headed by legendary pinball designer Pat Lawlor. This reveal is scheduled for Thursday evening October 13th.
  3. Heighway Pinball already revealed the flyer for their new Alien game and the game itself will be revealed on Thursday night as well at Twin Peaks.alien-flyer-aalien-flyer-b
  4. Spooky Pinball are expected to be bringing their Domino’s Pizza game and may as well announce their upcoming game.
  5. Newcomer American Pinball already announced Houdini as their first game and also working on 25 Magic Girl games (check the first Pinball Magazine podcast for an interview with American Pinball). Hopefully both games will be present and playable at the show.houdini_pinball_lowres-flyer_r4-02
  6. Chicago Gaming are expected to announce their second remake title, of which many are expecting it to be Attack From Mars.
  7. Dutch Pinball were expected as well to put up a big show, but announced in a newsletter to skip attending due to owner Jaap Nauta undergoing surgery. Their Big Lebowski game should be on the showfloor none the less.
  8. As previous years several home brew games will also be demonstrated.
  9. And there will be tons of pinball minded people like yourself.

As every year Pinball Magazine will try to report form the show on a daily basis on this website, but as you never know how things unfold at Expo, the reports may be slightly delayed. Links to new reports will be listed at the bottom of this post, so check back daily to see what’s been added. Pinball magazine editor Jonathan Joosten will be present at the show and is bringing a preview copy of Pinball Magazine No. 4, which is likely to be out late November. Currently the 4th issue already counts 224 pages and more content is still being added. If you see him walking around, don’t hesitate to ask for a sneak preview.


The pre-Expo days: link coming soon

Wednesday – Day 1: link coming soon

Thursday – Day 2: link coming soon

Friday – Day 3: link coming soon

Saturday – Day 4: link coming soon

Sunday – Day 5: link coming soon