Pinball Magazine 02 v1.inddAs of May 24th 2016 Pinball Magazine No. 2 is sold out in the Pinball Magazine webshop. All listings and package deals including issue 2 have been disabled. There are currently no plans for a reprint of issue 2. Contrary to when issue 1 sold out there will not be a list to subscribe to for a reprint of issue 2. For those who are still interested in a copy of Pinball Magazine No. 2, try one of the following resellers at pinball shows or in their online shop:

Currently the following products are available in the Pinball Magazine webshop:

  • Pinball Magazine No. 1 (reprint, 124 pages, special on Roger Sharpe)
  • Pinball Magazine No. 3 (260 pages, specials on Bally’s heyday and KISS themed pinball machines by Bally, Zidware [prototype only] and Stern)
  • Pinball – Santiago Ciuffo (hardcover glossy coffee table photo book)
  • Various Pinball posters by Santiago Ciuffo (great gameroom decoration)

In the mean time Pinball Magazine No. 4 is being worked on, but still months away from being published.