Pinball Magazine reports from the 2015 EAG Expo in London, UK. Day 2 didn’t have many surprises. It was more of the same like Day 1. We did shoot a video of The Wizard of Oz Pindemption game (click link to watch). On day 3, the last day of the show, Stern’s newest game WrestleMania Pro game got a code update which was significantly better than the software the game was running on the first two days of the show. Pinball Magazine shot a 10-minute video of Lucas Lukasz playing his first game on the new software, which he liked a lot. With the previous software the Referee mode seemed to score the most points, which is why Lucas was mainly going for those.

Thing that seemed to be different compared to the previous software:

  • More animated selectable wrestler ‘logos’
  • Ramp skill shot now has 4 different awards that can be aimed for. At this point it is unclear whether the ball needs to hit the top switch and then roll back, or whether the ball needs to roll throught to the upper playfield.
  • Animated opponents added (in this video Kane and what seems to be Seth Rollins. Other opponents seen in this software are Dolf Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns)
  • More voice calls added
  • Music added
  • New match sequence