Now that Pinball magazine No. 2 has been shipped, various reports and reviews have been showing up at various websites.


First website to write about Issue 2 was Pinball News. The report not only discusses the magazine, but also features a small interview with editor Jonathan Joosten.


Pinball Soul originally announced that Issue 2 was available for pre-order. In their Episode 9 podcast host Josh Blood unpacked the envelope containing Issue 1 and 2 ‘live’ on air and was pretty impressed with the look and feel of the magazine. The segments starts at 04:50. There are plans for a future interview with editor Jonathan Joosten in one of the upcoming podcast episodes.


Pinball Soul Podcast #11 features a 55-minute interview with Pinball Magazine editor Jonathan Joosten about his pinball background and Issues 1 and 2. Check it out!


The well-known Spooky Pinball podcast also interviewed editor Jonathan Joosten in their 41st podcast, which aired August 1st.


To be updated…