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  • Interview with Batman graphic artist Christopher Franchi
  • Report from Amusement Expo 2017
  • Feedback on Pinball Magazine No. 4

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  • Interview with George Gomez
  • Preview of Pinball Magazine No. 4
  • Pinball Magazine’s Pinball Flyer Archive 2016


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  • Interview with Pat Lawlor on his new Dialed In! game
  • Preview of Pinball magazine No. 4


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  • 32-page preview of Pinball Magazine No. 3
  • Full magazine is 260 pages
  • All the behind-the-scenes stories on KISS-themed pinball machines
  • Bally’s heyday
  • Jim Patla (Bally)
  • Kevin O’Connor (Bally, Stern)
  • Tom Nieman (Bally)
  • All details on Zidware’s KISS Pinball Maximus prototype
  • John Borg (Stern)
  • Jody dankBerg (Stern)
  • Freddy’s Pinball Paradise (Germany)
  • Project Pinball Charity
  • Restoration features
  • Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies)
  • Pinball Creative (UK)
  • Pinball Dreams (Germany)
  • Pavlov Pinball (UK)
  • PinSound (France)
  • and more


May 2015: Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons

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  • Who’s Working On What? summary
  • Texas roadtrip report, including Lone Star Pinball Association, Pinballz Kingdom and Texas Pinball Festival
  • Interview with Greg Freres and Dennis Nordman on Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons
  • Interview with Dave Peterson, Stern’s “moneyman” about the pricing of the game and Stern moving to a larger facility


January 2015: John Trudeau talks WrestleMania
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Christmas 2014 present:
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  • Interview with pinball designer John Trudeau
  • Photo special: Dutch Pinball Expo by Santiago Ciuffo


Thanksgiving 2014 gift:
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  • Interview with pinball designer Steve Ritchie
  • Win Stern Star Trek promo plastics, autographed by Steve Ritchie
  • Interview with Santiago Ciuffo
  • Festi’Flip 2014 photos by Santiago Ciuffo


Pinball Expo 2014 Souvenir Guide:

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Pinball Magazine George Gomez interview

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Exclusive interview with Santiago Ciuffo

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With the publication of PINBALL, the new 208-page hardcover, coffee table photo book by Argentinean photographer Santiago Ciuffo, Pinball Magazine also published an 80-page supplement magazine. This magazine features an interview with Santiago Ciuffo in 12 languages, as well as photos that are not in his PINBALL book. The magazine is available in print as well as a free download, below. If you like the photos in the magazine, you’ll love the PINBALL book, which is available in the Pinball Magazine web shop.

Pinball Magazine No. 2 follow up interview: Stern investor Dave Peterson
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Following  his Pinball Magazine No. 2 interview, Stern investor Dave Peterson talks to Pinball Magazine again about what’s happening at Stern Pinball.


Pinball Magazine No. 2 sampler
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Download the 28-page sampler Issue of Pinball Magazine No. 2 right here! Simply fill in your email address in the required field, which appears after clicking on the green download button, and you’ll receive a download link right away.  The sampler Issue contains some of the content of Issue 2. Please note that the full second Issue of Pinball Magazine has 188 pages, so the full magazine has a lot more content than 28 pages shown in the sample Issue. You can order your full Issue in the Pinball Magazine web shop.