You may remember this announcement regarding the preview magazine of the first issue of Pinball Magazine. Besides making this preview available online for free, there also is was a printed version. ‘Was’ as we ran out of copies.  The preview magazine was distributed at the UK pinball Party, at some X-Men launch parties and will be attached with the next issue of the Dutch Spinner Magazine. Sadly a shipment of 600 preview magazines to Stern Pinball, intended for distribution at their other X-Men launch parties got lost by the US postal company who were supposed to deliver it. People who pre-ordered Pinball Magazine in time to be in the first batch shipment also got a copy of the preview magazine. This week the last preview magazines were sent off to be distributed at Pacific Pinball Expo. Let’s hope they do arrive this time.


With no more preview magazines available we’re considering to do a second run, or a new flyer. In case of a second run, this second run will differ from the first version as some details will be corrected. Like the number ’40’ on the front page, which will read ’56’ on the second run. There could be a few more changes. However, there is a chance the preview magazine will just be updated for online purposes. Instead a new flyer will be developed to promote the magazine at public events. In case of such a new flyer, that would make the original preview magazine probably a bit more collectable in the eyes of some. So if you have a copy, you may want to keep hold of it.


Besides the original preview magazine in English, there will be a free online version available of a French translation. In case there is enough demand from French readers, the full magazine may actually see a translation into French. More news on that soon.