Yesterday the first batch of Pinball Magazines was shipped and today the magazine was already delivered to the Dutch buyers. Below you can read some of the (translated) reactions that were posted in the forum of the Dutch Pinball Association, or came in via e-mail / facebook / Twitter:


“The magazine just got in. Just browsed it, didn’t read a letter yet. First impression: impressive, inviting, beautiful and well cared for. Congratulations Jonathan! Well done, my compliments!” – Jan


“Wow! Now that’s something different… Well done dude!” – Richard


“Special delivery today! I also did a quick scan first. Clearly a lot of time and care was taken. I’ll to see where I’m going to start reading: with a short article or whether I’ll start on the cover story … Compliments for this initiative. Also nice to read that Pinball News and PinGame Journal wish this Dutchman good luck!” – Bas


“I browsed through the first few pages and already read a bit. First of all my compliments for the understandable English. Sometimes I come across articles that use such strange words that even my English/Dutch wife has difficulty to understand. Chapeau! Lay-out and backgrounds are easy for the eyes, which makes it nicer to read, with the exception of page 74/75. Also, the resolution of some pictures could be slightly higher, but these are all minor flaws as it is truly a top magazine!” – Ben


The first issue of @PinballMagazine just reached us. Very impressed by how hefty and extensive it’s looking!” – DutchPinball (via Twitter)

“Pinball Magazine came in today !!! Excellent quality !!!” – Jos


“I just finished reading the entire magazine. I did not expect the “biography” would be such a pleasant read. I’m not interested in older games, but to me this was a good story. Personally I found the part about marketing and IPFA a little less interesting, but that may be more appealing to others. The magazine itself must be great for Roger (and his family). Definitely a great magazine, so I wonder: who will be in the next issue?” – William


“We received our copies of Pinball Magazine yesterday. We’re very impressed with the quality.” – Robin