Greetings pinball fans,


Welcome to this first Pinball Magazine newsletter. Since the announcement of the magazine last week on Pinballnews, there have been some interesting developments. Below I will summarize the progress I’ve made.


  • On several online forums the announcement of Pinball Magazine was discussed. I’m happy to see so many people interested in the magazine and wanting the magazine to succeed. Thank you! Some of these comments may end up in the magazine. One comment suggested that Pinball Magazine should be available in regular bookstores. Well, I couldn’t agree more. In order to make this possible each issue of Pinball Magazine will have its own ISBN number. Some distributors have already agreed to add the title to their online shops. When the magazine will sell there, it will eventually also be sold in their street locations.
  • In a status update on the Pinball Magazine website I mentioned last week the main interview of PM#01 is currently being revised. Well, it still is. The first draft of the interview printed out has 43 pages of plain text, so it is understandable revising is time-consuming. There is another interview session scheduled to fill in the blanks that were not covered in previous sessions, so the size of the interview is likely to grow some more. Even more when photos are added.
  • Several people have been contacted to give some input on the main topic of the magazine in the form of a small interview, or comment.
  • The minimum amount of pages for Pinball Magazine is set at 68.
  • One of the reasons to announce the magazine last week was to inform potential advertisers. A mailing was sent out this week and the first advertising spaces have already been booked.
  • The deadline for PM#01 has been set for June 1st 2012. Finishing up the DTP work, have the magazine printed, shipped to distributors and send it to people who ordered it in the (soon to be added) webshop will take about a month. So PM#01 should be out early July (unless unforeseen circumstances cause a delay).
  • The Pinball Magazine Facebook-page just got its 200th ‘like’.


Well, this is all for now. I’m setting goals for next week so I can report more progress. In the mean time: if you have any feedback, feel free to contact me by email, using the contact form on the website, or via Facebook.


Have a great weekend!


Jonathan Joosten
Managing Editor Pinball Magazine